Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hey Bill...Wait a minute!

That's what I shouted as I spied Bill Stoneman darting through the Angel Stadium concourse after another Angel loss. I've seen him in his focused sprint toward the Angel offices at the conclusion of a few games, but he never stops or acknowledges any greetings.

Clearly Scioscia has lost confidence in his bullpen and help is needed. He's violating his 5/100 rule and letting his starters remain in the game much longer than they should. (5/100 Rule defined: Over the past couple of years, Scioscia has given his starters a rather long leash. Remember Bartolo - circa 2004 pre all-star break? Whether or not a pitcher was clearly having an "off" day, or if he had his best stuff, Mike would allow/force his pitchers to stay on the mound until he gave up five runs or threw one hundred pitches - whichever came first.) Recently though - with Santana and Byrd (including yesterday in Toronto), he's violated his rule (to ill effect and allowed his starters to go beyond the five run limit.

With the notable exceptions of Frankie, Scot, and occasionally Brendan, he'd rather stay with his struggling starter than bring in Joel, Esteban, or heaven help us - Kevin.

Joel would be just fine if Mike didn't keep sending him out to the mound for multiple innings. With only a couple of exceptions, his numbers are solid when he completes one inning or less of work. He took care of Kevin Gregg's mess yesterday and only gave up a run when Mike had him go back out after getting two much needed outs while stranding two of Kevin's runners on base. He's a former closer and needs to be used in a similar manner. He's not a long reliever, but that's what the Angels would like him to be.

Esteban has been spotty all year long and is basically dead weight. His seven-figure pricetag serves only as an example of the sellers market that exists for pitchers today. Besides a collective groan when he's introduced over the stadium loudspeakers, I've noticed fans around me grab their bags and start filing out toward the exits when he makes his way toward the mound.

Kevin Gregg has entered Ben Webber territory. (One of my favorite letters to the LA Times was in 2002 when a fan pleaded to Scioscia to not let Mr. Goggles take the mound ever again. - I'm just about ready to draft a a similar one.) Sure, he just pitched 3.1 innings for a 0.00 era performance. But he allowed an inherited Byrd runner to score and later needed to be bailed out by Peralta after he walked and hit consecutive batters. How much confidence does Scioscia have in him? Well, before yesterday he hadn't pitched since July 10, prompting my wife to wonder if he was still with the team or if he had been sent back down to Salt Lake City. ("Not yet, " I replied.)

Recent stories among various media outlets have hinted that Stoneman is shopping around for relievers. We can only hope that we won't end up with another Bret Prinz, but will instead acquire a quality arm that will give Scioscia the confidence he needs to motion toward the bullpen before the game is out of reach. Until that happens though, and it may not before Sunday's deadline, take Sean's advice and be a fan!

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