Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Know Baseball...

Well, I know enough to know that, (like Richard), Finley has escalated himself to Mo Vaughn-like status with his now infamous quote. I also know someone else who is "busting his butt" and has a salary more than five million dollars less.

Since being tossed for throwing his equipment in Oak-town ten days ago, our hero has been absent from the starting lineup. (Yes, Rivera's power surge may have something to do with that.) Today's 1p start saw Rivera resting on the bench which put Jeff back in action starting in left field. He went 1-4 with a double, but very uncharacteristically, did not cross home plate.

He was, however, all over the outfield - make an outstanding sliding catch in the fourth inning in addition to holding Renteria to a double in the seventh inning after Desmond's failed diving catch attempt.

In case you weren't there or missed it on Fox's broadcast, Figgins, (2nd baseman by trade), got a bad read on a ball hit to center and his speed couldn't compensate for his lack of outfield instincts. (Don't get me wrong, Desmond is a great utility player, but he does his best work at 2nd base. It's unfair to just give him a different glove and expect him to perform in center field.) Jeff was backing up on the play and fielded the ball at the centerfield fence.

Barring another call-up for Chris Prieto or a misguided switch from first to center by Erstad (please God, no), Jeff remains the team's best defensive option for center. Juan is a corner outfielder and Garrett needs to embrace his new designated hitter role (when he returns). Jeff is a true outfielder with an above-average throwing arm.

What's that you say? Sure, J.D.'s average isn't too spectacular, but his on base percentage is still strong thanks to a good strikeout-walk ratio. With D-Mac likely sidelined with surgery, Figgins can easily find a place in the everyday lineup. - He can platoon at third base with Quinlan (hopefully returning soon) and spell Kennedy at second and Jeff in center. Unfortunately, Scioscia said today that Steve Finley will continue to be the team's starting center fielder "for the foreseeable future." We can only hope that Mike is near-sighted.

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