Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


So, after originally being down 0-6 the Angels came back and tied the game twice - 7-7 and 9-9. The closer, who was summoned early from the bullpen, had an opportunity for a rare win (if the Halos could just manufacture one more run). The headline was set to read: "Sweepless in Seattle." But alas, it was not to be.

The rally in the top of the ninth fell short, and in the bottom of the ninth, the M's also wanted to give their closer a victory. After striking out the lead-off batter, Frankie gave up a double. The next batter was intentionally walked to set up the potential inning-ending/game-winning double play. Then Seattle's rookie shortstop hit a single to left field. A strong throw may have nailed the runner at the plate, but the arthritic left fielder airmailed the throw and Seattle had it's second walk-off in the series and the sweep.

Make no doubt about it, this was a team loss. Saunders nerves or lack of work got the best of him, and the bullpen didn't fare much better than him. Jeff got a rare start, went 0-4 and stranded runners in nearly every at-bat (6 in all). Although I missed the play in the ninth inning (pictured above), it's never a good thing being called out at the plate in the ninth inning.

At least Scioscia didn't repeat the errors he committed yesterday. Not only was Finley out of the lineup, but Molina pinch-hit for D-Vo and Rivera pinch-hit for A.K. when a lefty reliever was called in. Luckily, the Indians' Ronnie Belliard went Bell-i-yard (that's part of what flashes on the scoreboard at Jacobs Field) again and the Angels' one-game lead remains intact.

Bartolo has been especially strong after an Angel loss, so come on out and cheer on your team. If you reach out to me in time, I'll even supply the tickets (2). Really!

The Angels' magic number is now 17.

I just caught Maicir's ninth inning base running blunder, (pictured above), which was the first out of that inning on the Fox Sports West replay. It turns out that Roenicke sent him in typical aggressive Angel style and he was meat on the table. So instead of runners on second and third with no outs, there was only a runner on second when Bengie (pinch-hitting for D-Vo) singled in the Halos' ninth run. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I liked it better when I didn't know the specifics of that out.

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