Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Friday, September 23, 2005

And Then, There Were Ten...

Much has been written about the Halos' recent late-inning exploits, so I will not attempt to expound and will instead look at their remaining games. There are only 10 games left - 3 at home against the Devil Rays, 4 in Oak-town, and 3 in Texas.

With a lead twice that of the White Sox, the Angels are clearly in control of their own destiny. Their "one game at a time" mantra will be especially important during the final homestand since the Devil Rays swept the team when they visited the Tropicana Dome.

I remember when I purchased tickets for two games of that series, and I certainly wasn't thinking, "WOW! Those guys are good. I hope we can at least salvage one game." - Sarcastic, yes, but the Angels need to remember the embarrassment that was had at the Trop. Steve Finley had the worst game of his career there (o-fer and 2 errors). So if he's in the lineup this weekend (I hope and pray that he isn't, but am resigned to accepting the hex he has on Scioscia), I will actually expect him to exact his revenge.

At 6-4-2, Rob reminds us Athletic fans don't actually support their team, despite their playoff chances. Of course, this means that if you can take time off from work (I'm still trying to figure how I can manage this), great seats can be had without having to pay any scalper mark-ups.

Last year, I was one of countless fans that affixed their Angels flag to their car windows and made their way along I-5 to the Coliseum in Oakland to witness the Angels clinching the Western Division. As long as the Angels continue their winning ways, they should be able to repeat clinching the division once again on their foes' home-turf. The last three games in Texas should (hopefully) be of little importance. (And of course, that would be a much more expensive trip.)

The Angels' Magic Number now stands at 8.

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