Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Time to Make a Statement...

As you already know by now, the Angels took game one from Oakland 4-3. (And if you don't, why are you turning to Watching Jeff DaVanon for your scoreboard needs?) As I and countless others have previously pointed out, the Angels only needed to win two of the four games in Oakland to reach the post-season. But I'm with Sean over at Purgatory. The team only needs to win two, but I want a sweep. Time to make a statement and take all four games from the Athletics on their home turf.

Angels' playoff tickets went on sale today at 10am, and sold-out within thirty-five minutes. The seats at McAfee coliseum were over half empty at tonight's game. Perhaps the A's fans who stayed home knew something the 19,000+ who attended did not. This will not be the A's year. The Angels are playing like the potential champions they know they can be, and that makes all the difference. (And with el ­Chapulín Colorado on their side, how can they lose?)

The Angels have been in first place for nearly the entire season, and they now enjoy a five game lead over the A's. Everyone is contributing, even their much maligned (by me especially) aging center fielder. "How 'bout Steve Finley - for you Finley bashers out there?" Rex shouted during the post-game wrap.

I'm not ready to offer him any contrition. But since he's a member of my beloved Angels and it's just about playoff time, I will cheer for him - albeit begrudgingly. I even caught myself shouting, "Come on Finley!" at the TV set tonight. Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself. It seems like only yesterday, I was showing Angel fans in Tampa that it was okay to "boo" Finley at a road venue. (Indeed, many of the red-clad fans at the Tropicana Dome joined in .)

Kennedy throws tomorrow for the A's (he's a southpaw), so Figgins will be back in center field, but Steve will be back in the lineup Wednesday vs. Haren. Hopefully, the Halos will have clinched their first back-to-back division titles by then. - Opening the door to more opportunities to cheer for the Angels... and even Steve Finley.

The Angels Magic Number now stands at 2!!

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