Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Number Four...

Midway through today's game, David Courtney (the Angel Stadium announcer) announced the Angels' busses would be leaving the stadium parking lot precisely forty-five minutes after the game ended. So, who were we to not take a hint? - And since the Devil Rays took full advantage of all of Bartolo's high fastballs, resulting in an 8-4 Halo loss, we wanted to leave the stadium on a high note.

Most of the crowd merely went home after the game, but about 1% of the 41,000+ showed their support and decided to wait under the sunny So Cal skies in hopes of getting a glimpse of a player or two. As the crowd waited, kids shouted at every car leaving the parking lot to honk, which resulted in loud cheers from the entire group. And , of course, there were the obligatory chants of "Let's Go An-gels!"

The crowd was also entertained by......hmmm How can I describe him.... Okay, there was this guy in red tights, with blue shorts, those martian antennae things on his head, and with the letters "CH" in a yellow heart on his chest. I wish I was able to get a picture of him, but he was across the way and I couldn't bear to lose my place in the crowd. Besides, I have no idea who, what, or why, but he was signing autographs for the kiddies - so maybe someone can comment on who/what he was/is.

Anyway, Scioscia surprised everyone as he was driven through the lot in a golf cart, before taking his rightful place at the front of the bus. As the bus pulled out through the crowd, some of the players waved, but most of them looked genuinely surprised to actually see fans cheering and clapping. I guess they didn't hear David Courtney's announcement, or didn't expect to see so many people actually waiting to see them off. I expect I'll see the same faces I saw today when, yes - when, the Angels have their playoff rally.

The Halos posted an 8-2 record during their final homestand and, hopefully, the team can carry that winning momentum into Oakland where they will play four games. All they need to secure a spot in the post-season is a split with the Athletics. That's it. Two out of four. The rotation is set and despite Colon's outing today, he remains scheduled to pitch Thursday on three days rest. This will put him on track to pitch game one of the divisional series next Tuesday with the regular four days rest.

Whew! The Rangers' closer, Francisco Cordero, just escaped a ninth-inning, bases-loaded jam to win the game by four runs (6-2). The A's offense was anemic with runners in scoring position, but Rich Harden looked pretty damn good in his one inning of work. Expect to see him a couple of times in the next couple of days in Kelvim Escobar-like situations. Since the both the Angels and Athletics lost today, the Halos' lead in the AL West remains at four.

Tomorrow's matchup features Lackey vs. Blanton. One of the keys for the A's attack will be to neutralize Vlad, who is 4-10 vs. Blanton, and Scioscia has been unable to find anyone to protect Vlad in the lineup. Bengie, Casey, Juan, Darin, and today Robb have all had a turn hitting behind Guerrero and all have had little to no success. Maybe, Mike will come to his senses and return Vlad to third and Garret fourth. The A's were quoted earlier this year as saying Garret is just as dangerous as Vlad, so why not play into their fears?

The Angels' Magic Number is now 4!

I think you got to see El Chapulin Colorado, one of Mexico's biggest superheros! I had no idea he was an Angels fan...
Many thanks for the id and the links! That is, indeed, who we saw. Now, the only question is why?
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