Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here's to you...

Some fans went above and beyond the call of duty last night, so here's to you (cue the Budweiser commercial music) Mr. I'llneverletdougeddingsforgethatcallfromgametwo -o-o:

There was the fan a few seats down from us in F129 who let his friend heckle Eddings via cellphone since he couldn't make it to the game. He turned his volume all the way up and held the phone toward for more than a few minutes. - And yes, you could hear him.

There was the fan one section over in F128 who, after every single out, stood up and mimicked Eddings' out/third strike/whatever signal.

Maya mentioned this also - not only did the woman in the row behind us bring the best sign, but after it was taken away by security in the second inning, she showed the neighboring fans her reserve sign but smartly saved it until the sixth through eighth innings - when it was again confiscated by stadium security.

And , of course, there was the fan who sat directly to my left. He cupped his mouth and heckled Eddings non-stop from beginning to end. Each and every inning. Others came and went, but he was the rock.

Hats off to each and every one of the fans last night. I remember when visiting Angel Stadium was like visiting a mausoleum. Not anymore. This year, the fans have shown they are paying attention and expect the best from everyone. Tonight's start time is listed as 4:30 - I can't wait to get there.

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