Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jeff who?

Jeff has had something like 1 at-bat in the last 14 games.

I'd like to think it isn't just my status as jeff-obsessed that makes this weird.

Is he being punished for being tossed out of that Oakland game?

Is he too close to having to be paid more money due to the additional incentives for games/plate appearances in his contract?

Did he make a pass at Soscia's sister?

Did he publicly accuse Finley of sucking?

Not only does it not look good for my guy's future presence on the team, it doesn't look good for the rest of the season. I'm not blind, I know the writing's on the wall. But he isn't a worthless drain, and he's a better outfielder than Figgins, a better hitter than Finley, and a better baserunner than 80% of the team. The way Figgins has been hitting lately, he might even be a better lead-off candidate (sacrilege, I know!) It seems like any of those things would be useful in this stretch. I just don't get it.

I'm just saying, that the team hasn't been playing so well those last 14 games. Just sayin'...

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