Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And There was Much Rejoicing....

The Angels' Magic Number is 0!

The Halos have won 10 of their last 11 games, and (Warning: Cliche Ahead) none was bigger than Tuesday's 4-3 victory which clinched the AL West Division. For the second year in a row, the final out was made by the left fielder, and the Angels poured out of the dugout in jubilation. (Juan Rivera got the honor this year, and this site's namesake, Jeff DaVanon had the privilege in '04.)

Now Scioscia can juggle some pitchers to set the playoff rotation, and whittle the team back down to twenty-five players. And with the other American League playoff contenders all losing today, the Angels still have a shot at securing home field advantage if they can maintain their winning ways.

Surprisingly, KCAL-9 provided extensive post-game coverage. Rex Hudler did a fair job of grabbing (in some cases literally) players for a few cliche-laden interviews. Most of the players shied away when he announced they were "live" but few were able to escape his clutches. Orlando Cabrera said he doesn't do anything live, and Vlad spoke solely in Spanish, but Scioscia had the most memorable line of the night when he asked the Wonderdog (and Bosley pitch man) if his hair would stay on if he doused him with champagne.

As the broadcast finally came to a close, KCAL aired a brief montage of Angel highlights from the previous ten broadcast years. Next year, the National League "town rival" moves to KCAL, and the Angels?... Well, not only do they not have a network for 2006 as of yet, but none of their broadcasters (TV or radio) are under contract yet either. But, this seems like a topic for another time....

There has yet to be an official announcement at their website, but Monday at the Big A is "Rally Monday" beginning at 5:30 pm. Hopefully, this year's rally will be bigger and better than last year's. But regardless, I'll be there - so be sure to say, "Hi!" I'll be the one in red...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Time to Make a Statement...

As you already know by now, the Angels took game one from Oakland 4-3. (And if you don't, why are you turning to Watching Jeff DaVanon for your scoreboard needs?) As I and countless others have previously pointed out, the Angels only needed to win two of the four games in Oakland to reach the post-season. But I'm with Sean over at Purgatory. The team only needs to win two, but I want a sweep. Time to make a statement and take all four games from the Athletics on their home turf.

Angels' playoff tickets went on sale today at 10am, and sold-out within thirty-five minutes. The seats at McAfee coliseum were over half empty at tonight's game. Perhaps the A's fans who stayed home knew something the 19,000+ who attended did not. This will not be the A's year. The Angels are playing like the potential champions they know they can be, and that makes all the difference. (And with el ­Chapulín Colorado on their side, how can they lose?)

The Angels have been in first place for nearly the entire season, and they now enjoy a five game lead over the A's. Everyone is contributing, even their much maligned (by me especially) aging center fielder. "How 'bout Steve Finley - for you Finley bashers out there?" Rex shouted during the post-game wrap.

I'm not ready to offer him any contrition. But since he's a member of my beloved Angels and it's just about playoff time, I will cheer for him - albeit begrudgingly. I even caught myself shouting, "Come on Finley!" at the TV set tonight. Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself. It seems like only yesterday, I was showing Angel fans in Tampa that it was okay to "boo" Finley at a road venue. (Indeed, many of the red-clad fans at the Tropicana Dome joined in .)

Kennedy throws tomorrow for the A's (he's a southpaw), so Figgins will be back in center field, but Steve will be back in the lineup Wednesday vs. Haren. Hopefully, the Halos will have clinched their first back-to-back division titles by then. - Opening the door to more opportunities to cheer for the Angels... and even Steve Finley.

The Angels Magic Number now stands at 2!!

The Angels' Good Luck Charm???

So, the mystery of who the man dressed in red tights with "CH" in a yellow heart has been solved. It's none other than....el Chapulín Colorado - ("the red grasshopper") the Mexican superhero from the70's. (Many thanks to Foxpaw for solving this one!) Now, of course, the question is why was he there?

He emerged from the players only area before the team boarded the bus for Oakland yesterday, so who knows where he was before. Is he this year's version of Pedro's little friend, Nelson? Since he was so successful for the Red Sox, did the players in the Angels' locker room feel they needed a strange good-luck charm too?

And since they're so competitive by nature, did the Angels feel they needed to up the ante on playoff good-luck charm weirdness?

Maybe el Chapulín Colorado was a childhood favorite of one or more of the team's manSpanishsh-speaking players. Can't you just picture Bartolo as a young boy laughing at the antics of this comic-book-like hero?

And if you're sitting there thinking you've seen him before -but you just can't quite place it... You probably only know the animated caricature version of him - The Simpsons' "Bumblebee Man."

So the next time you're at the stadium, be on the lookout for a middle-aged man in red tights with the "CH" in a yellow heart emblazoned on his chest. Perhaps his appearance was just a one-time thing, and why he was there will remain a mystery forever... But if the Angels keep winning, maybe he'll make another cameo and will provide a few details of his role with the team. But until then...

Más ágil que una tortuga...más fuerte que un ratón...más noble que una escudo es un corazó el Chapulin Colorado!

More agile than a turtle...stronger than a mouse...nobler than a lettuce...his sign is a's the Chapulín Colorado!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Number Four...

Midway through today's game, David Courtney (the Angel Stadium announcer) announced the Angels' busses would be leaving the stadium parking lot precisely forty-five minutes after the game ended. So, who were we to not take a hint? - And since the Devil Rays took full advantage of all of Bartolo's high fastballs, resulting in an 8-4 Halo loss, we wanted to leave the stadium on a high note.

Most of the crowd merely went home after the game, but about 1% of the 41,000+ showed their support and decided to wait under the sunny So Cal skies in hopes of getting a glimpse of a player or two. As the crowd waited, kids shouted at every car leaving the parking lot to honk, which resulted in loud cheers from the entire group. And , of course, there were the obligatory chants of "Let's Go An-gels!"

The crowd was also entertained by......hmmm How can I describe him.... Okay, there was this guy in red tights, with blue shorts, those martian antennae things on his head, and with the letters "CH" in a yellow heart on his chest. I wish I was able to get a picture of him, but he was across the way and I couldn't bear to lose my place in the crowd. Besides, I have no idea who, what, or why, but he was signing autographs for the kiddies - so maybe someone can comment on who/what he was/is.

Anyway, Scioscia surprised everyone as he was driven through the lot in a golf cart, before taking his rightful place at the front of the bus. As the bus pulled out through the crowd, some of the players waved, but most of them looked genuinely surprised to actually see fans cheering and clapping. I guess they didn't hear David Courtney's announcement, or didn't expect to see so many people actually waiting to see them off. I expect I'll see the same faces I saw today when, yes - when, the Angels have their playoff rally.

The Halos posted an 8-2 record during their final homestand and, hopefully, the team can carry that winning momentum into Oakland where they will play four games. All they need to secure a spot in the post-season is a split with the Athletics. That's it. Two out of four. The rotation is set and despite Colon's outing today, he remains scheduled to pitch Thursday on three days rest. This will put him on track to pitch game one of the divisional series next Tuesday with the regular four days rest.

Whew! The Rangers' closer, Francisco Cordero, just escaped a ninth-inning, bases-loaded jam to win the game by four runs (6-2). The A's offense was anemic with runners in scoring position, but Rich Harden looked pretty damn good in his one inning of work. Expect to see him a couple of times in the next couple of days in Kelvim Escobar-like situations. Since the both the Angels and Athletics lost today, the Halos' lead in the AL West remains at four.

Tomorrow's matchup features Lackey vs. Blanton. One of the keys for the A's attack will be to neutralize Vlad, who is 4-10 vs. Blanton, and Scioscia has been unable to find anyone to protect Vlad in the lineup. Bengie, Casey, Juan, Darin, and today Robb have all had a turn hitting behind Guerrero and all have had little to no success. Maybe, Mike will come to his senses and return Vlad to third and Garret fourth. The A's were quoted earlier this year as saying Garret is just as dangerous as Vlad, so why not play into their fears?

The Angels' Magic Number is now 4!

Friday, September 23, 2005


Another come-from-behind victory coupled with another Athletics' loss, and the Angels' Magic Number has been reduced to 6!

And Then, There Were Ten...

Much has been written about the Halos' recent late-inning exploits, so I will not attempt to expound and will instead look at their remaining games. There are only 10 games left - 3 at home against the Devil Rays, 4 in Oak-town, and 3 in Texas.

With a lead twice that of the White Sox, the Angels are clearly in control of their own destiny. Their "one game at a time" mantra will be especially important during the final homestand since the Devil Rays swept the team when they visited the Tropicana Dome.

I remember when I purchased tickets for two games of that series, and I certainly wasn't thinking, "WOW! Those guys are good. I hope we can at least salvage one game." - Sarcastic, yes, but the Angels need to remember the embarrassment that was had at the Trop. Steve Finley had the worst game of his career there (o-fer and 2 errors). So if he's in the lineup this weekend (I hope and pray that he isn't, but am resigned to accepting the hex he has on Scioscia), I will actually expect him to exact his revenge.

At 6-4-2, Rob reminds us Athletic fans don't actually support their team, despite their playoff chances. Of course, this means that if you can take time off from work (I'm still trying to figure how I can manage this), great seats can be had without having to pay any scalper mark-ups.

Last year, I was one of countless fans that affixed their Angels flag to their car windows and made their way along I-5 to the Coliseum in Oakland to witness the Angels clinching the Western Division. As long as the Angels continue their winning ways, they should be able to repeat clinching the division once again on their foes' home-turf. The last three games in Texas should (hopefully) be of little importance. (And of course, that would be a much more expensive trip.)

The Angels' Magic Number now stands at 8.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Putting the Cart before the Horse...

Not that I'm expecting the Angels' season to end anytime soon by posting this, but today's LA Times lists a few highlights about the 2006 Angel Schedule.

The Angels will play their home opener next season against the Yankees.

The Angels open the 2006 season at Seattle on April 3. After three games against the Mariners, the Angels return to Anaheim for three games against the Yankees (April 7-9) and three against the Texas Rangers (April 10-12).

The Boston Red Sox make their lone trip to Anaheim on Aug. 22-24, followed by a return visit from the Yankees on Aug. 25-27. The interleague schedule includes home games against the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres, road games against the Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants and two series against the Dodgers (May 19-21 at Dodger Stadium, June 30-July 2 at Angel Stadium).

In a one-year trial, the Angels will start day games at 12:30 p.m. instead of 1 p.m.

That's right boys and girls - Friday, April 7 2006, is the home opener. So go ahead and mark it on your calendar now!

I'm not sure how I feel about needing to get to the ballpark a half-hour earlier for day games yet. That could be a good thing, but I guess that will always hinge on whatever I do the night before.

I realize scheduling the Yankees for two home series (including the home opener) will do wonders for the box office, but wouldn't it be great to open the season against the Oakland A's? What better way to open up the year than with a series against the strongest division rival? Last year's divisional standings were determined in Oakland on the second to last day of the season. This year's standing will most likely be determined in next week's four game series (September 26-29 - good seats still available through Ticketmaster - yes, I checked) in Oakland. Next year could also end in similar fashion, so why not kick the year off against our intra-state foes?

The article also mentions Arte is angling hard to bring the 2008 All-Star to Angel Stadium... I'm already getting goose bumps just thinking about the possibility. - The decision on the 2008 site should be announced by the end of this year.

By the way, the Angels' Magic Number now stands at 12.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I Still Miss Hearing "Keep Away" in the Ninth....

The Angels were in the fight of their lives Friday night. Struggling to put an end to their four-game losing streak, and desperately trying to maintain their lead in the American League West after an Oakland loss, the game pushed into extra innings - and my mind (and heart) were elsewhere. Dr. Lewis Yocum was due to examine former Angel Troy Percival that night. His findings would either give him hope for one more season or let him know his career had come to a close.

If surgery on Percy's elbow is needed, it would necessitate a twelve-month recovery period - in addition to significantly lessening the closer's velocity. However, if Dr. Yocum determines surgery is not needed, that would be the impetus for Percy to mount another comeback and finish his two-year $12 million contract. Earlier this year, Percival stated that 2006 would be his last year as a player. "I'm hoping to have one last good year," said Percival in Friday's Detroit Free Press.

During the third inning of the game, Troy delivered the news. "He (Yocum) told me to try it in December, that he didn't see the need for surgery," Percival said. "I might throw two pitches, and that'll be it. I might throw for weeks and then start to feel it and shut it down then. Or I might be able to come to spring training."

So, only time will tell if the Angel saves leader will ever take the mound again to Godsmack's "Keep Away." - As an Angel, he originally took the mound as Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" blasted from the stadium loudspeakers. Eventually, that gave way to the Godsmack song - which is still the tune I associate with not just him or that 2002 season, but with baseball. This season with Detroit, he experimented with different music and had little success on the mound. It wasn't until he switched back to "Keep Away" that he finally started to perform like the closer who has notched over three hundred saves.

Yes, I know the Angels made the right decision in letting Percy go and promoting K-Rod to the closer's position. But it doesn't mean I can't wax nostalgic about my favorite Angel. I'll always have fond memories of #40 running from the bullpen gate to the infield, circling the mound after his warm-up tosses, before squatting to focus on a single blade of grass.

This weekend at the games vs. the Detroit Tigers I'll, of course, be cheering for the Angels - but while wearing a jersey with the name and number of the Angel great.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


So, after originally being down 0-6 the Angels came back and tied the game twice - 7-7 and 9-9. The closer, who was summoned early from the bullpen, had an opportunity for a rare win (if the Halos could just manufacture one more run). The headline was set to read: "Sweepless in Seattle." But alas, it was not to be.

The rally in the top of the ninth fell short, and in the bottom of the ninth, the M's also wanted to give their closer a victory. After striking out the lead-off batter, Frankie gave up a double. The next batter was intentionally walked to set up the potential inning-ending/game-winning double play. Then Seattle's rookie shortstop hit a single to left field. A strong throw may have nailed the runner at the plate, but the arthritic left fielder airmailed the throw and Seattle had it's second walk-off in the series and the sweep.

Make no doubt about it, this was a team loss. Saunders nerves or lack of work got the best of him, and the bullpen didn't fare much better than him. Jeff got a rare start, went 0-4 and stranded runners in nearly every at-bat (6 in all). Although I missed the play in the ninth inning (pictured above), it's never a good thing being called out at the plate in the ninth inning.

At least Scioscia didn't repeat the errors he committed yesterday. Not only was Finley out of the lineup, but Molina pinch-hit for D-Vo and Rivera pinch-hit for A.K. when a lefty reliever was called in. Luckily, the Indians' Ronnie Belliard went Bell-i-yard (that's part of what flashes on the scoreboard at Jacobs Field) again and the Angels' one-game lead remains intact.

Bartolo has been especially strong after an Angel loss, so come on out and cheer on your team. If you reach out to me in time, I'll even supply the tickets (2). Really!

The Angels' magic number is now 17.

I just caught Maicir's ninth inning base running blunder, (pictured above), which was the first out of that inning on the Fox Sports West replay. It turns out that Roenicke sent him in typical aggressive Angel style and he was meat on the table. So instead of runners on second and third with no outs, there was only a runner on second when Bengie (pinch-hitting for D-Vo) singled in the Halos' ninth run. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I liked it better when I didn't know the specifics of that out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why? Why? Why?

Why was he back in the lineup again for the fourth straight day? Why is Erstad still hitting behind Vlad? Why wasn't Byrd pulled in the ninth immediately after the first person reached base?

Apparently, I misspoke, (um - wrote), when I said the Angel bats had come alive. They have returned to their dormant status as the Angels lost another one-run game. Byrd pitched another gem - 8.0 innings, 2 runs, 1 earned. But that second run came in the ninth inning with our alleged rubber arm pitcher - Scott Shields on the mound. Shields and company have looked especially weary of late, so it should surprise no one that Saunders will make the spot-start tomorrow - enabling Escobar to remain in the pen. Joel Peralta has also been called back up to add an additional arm for the stretch run. - But I'm sure he'll be used strictly for mop-up duty.

It almost seems like, since they won the coin-toss, Scioscia and the Angels want to play that tie-breaker game on October 3 at Angel Stadium - instead of winning the division outright. Luckily, the Indians are playing as if they want to win, and they beat the A's 2-5 tonight. If you caught any of that game or of the Indians' thrashing of the Twins on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, you can see the difference in the intensity of play.

Our guys definitely need to step it up in order to maintain that slim one game lead over the Athletics. But first, before he can pop out to end another rally, Finley needs to reclaim his rightful place on the bench, that lineup needs to be re-addressed (perhaps put Vlad back in the 3-slot and Garret behind him), and Scioscia or the players need to call one of those "let's do this" team meetings.

The Angels' Magic Number is now 18.

what is this "baseball" you speak of?

I have been, and will continue to be, quiet for about a week. I'm working a Microsoft conference that is in town. I working transportation, which I've never done before, and my main responsibility is to write down when the conference buses pass my location. I only mention this because I find it so hard to believe that I'm being paid what I'm normally paid to run a whole event to do this "closely watched buses" exercize. And also because I do this task all alone, with no one to talk to except the wacky homeless guy who enjoys crossing the street against the light, over and over again, just because he can. Fun this is not. If anyone is in downtown the rest of this week, send me an e-mail or something, wear an Angels hat as you walk around and I'll try to spot you, I don't know. Crossing the street against the light is starting to sound like an interesting and viable way for me to spend *my* time.

But I was treated to a lovely close-up view of the massive power outage yesterday. Starting with the traffic lights in my area blinking for about an hour, followed by more sirens and fire trucks than I've ever seen all flying off in different directions at the same time, and followed by the hotel I was stationed at and every other building going dark. We got power back fairly quickly. The traffic lights took a little longer. The nearest corner to me was media central, with 4 camera crews and a bunch of photographers taking pictures of... the intersection. I could almost understand this during the brief time that we had official people with little white gloves directing traffic, but they continued to film and photograph long after the signals were back on-line. Meaning they were filming a perfectly normal intertersection operating normally. I guess a citywide blackout in broad daylight is not an intrinsically visual event, so they were taking what they could get. I had a fleeting moment of worry that this was step one in the aforementioned terrorist threat against LA, but I quickly decided it was too centralized a task to undertake (terrorists tend to prefer distributed methods of just about everything) and, lets face it, any self-respecting terrorist would have attacked this morning, the "true" anniversary of September 11, 2001 (it was a Tuesday) and the day when Bill Gates was in LA and speaking. Wouldn't you go after Bill Gates if you were trying to do some damage and make a statement? I seriously breathed a sigh of relief when my shift ended today and I was able to put some distance between myself and Bill Gates.

I did want to acknowledge the nice notes I got from two other DaVanon fans over the weekend. I get nice notes from time to time, but it was odd to get two in the same day. One was from a sweet Torontonian (well the Toronto area), who became a Jeff fan upon witnessing his classy behavior during a game when he was being heavily heckled. Jeff made the last out, went over and tossed them the ball! Jeff doesn't really throw balls to fans in general, so that was a noteworthy event. The other was from Karissa, another sweet Jeff fan who has written me nice notes before. Why two notes in one day? Perhaps all DaVanon fans are doing what I'm doing-- looking at the calendar, and looking at the team and Jeff's current place on it, and looking back at the calendar, and looking at Jeff's contract-- and then preparing ourselves for the real possibility of a Jeff-free future. I'm not sure where Jeff ranks in the field of 4th outfielders, but I can't really imagine there is a bright future in being a middling-to-good 4th outfielder who has enough service days to command a real salary and not that pin money they pay the young'ens.

I've even, um, contemplated doing a site re-design and name change during the off-season, not because my devotion will ever wane, but because I've moved beyond the name, and it now bugs me that the name of a little blog that I never expected anyone to see is so-- I don't know how to properly put this-- easy to mock? Lightweight? Stalkerish and difficult to discuss in polite company? And having the blog named after a player no longer on the team would be all those things to an even greater degree. I do sort of have my pride... I was a columnist for the Daily Northwestern, one of the best college papers in the country. I've won awards for my writing. I've been paid actual money in exchange for things I've written. And now people will ask what I've been up to and I'm like "I have a little baseball blog, it's sort of TWOP does sports..." and then I change the subject before they ask for the url or anything.

Maybe I'll start up "Finley Sucks" or something like that.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

142 Down, 20 To Go...

With only twenty games remaining in the regular season, the Angels' bats have come alive at the right time of the year. The team put up double-digits in the hits column each of the their last three games and had eight, count 'em, eight home runs as they swept the Chi Sox. Quinlan, Erstad, Anderson (2), Figgins (2), and even Finley got in on the act.

Steve's average now stands at a whopping..... drumroll please..... .222. Woo hoo! Let's hope Scioscia isn't duped into putting him back out in the lineup on a regular basis. Even Yan looked good on Friday, but he shouldn't be moved up in the bullpen pecking order. (Besides, he reverted to his normal, overpaid self on Saturday and gave up two runs in only two thirds of an inning.)

Ten of those remaining games are at home, and once again - if you can, I encourage you to make the trip to Angel Stadium to support the Halos. As much as I hate that new opening video montage at Angels Stadium, ("Calling All Angels" is much better), this is "the stretch run" and the Angels need your support. Bartolo will vie for his twentieth victory on Thursday and he has repeatedly stated that he feeds off the energy of the home crowd. I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I plan to leave work early that day so I don't miss the opening pitch.

After the Tigers visit Anaheim Sept. 15-18, the Rangers come to town Sept. 20-21, and the Angels will attempt to avenge their three-game lashing as the Devil Rays close out the home season Sept. 23-25. Plenty of good seats available!

Post season tickets are scheduled to arrive in two weeks, and it looks as though I'll have the opportunity to use most of them - instead of just filing them with the rest of my Angels memorabilia alongside last year's post season tickets.

The Angels' Magic Number is 19.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The other DaVanon

So thanks to yet another "jeff davanon wife" search in my stats log (I still get at least 1 hit a week from people googling that. Why? And why me?) I bring you the oddly-recent, rather exhaustive-

Jerry DaVanon interview at Astros Daily


Jeff who?

Jeff has had something like 1 at-bat in the last 14 games.

I'd like to think it isn't just my status as jeff-obsessed that makes this weird.

Is he being punished for being tossed out of that Oakland game?

Is he too close to having to be paid more money due to the additional incentives for games/plate appearances in his contract?

Did he make a pass at Soscia's sister?

Did he publicly accuse Finley of sucking?

Not only does it not look good for my guy's future presence on the team, it doesn't look good for the rest of the season. I'm not blind, I know the writing's on the wall. But he isn't a worthless drain, and he's a better outfielder than Figgins, a better hitter than Finley, and a better baserunner than 80% of the team. The way Figgins has been hitting lately, he might even be a better lead-off candidate (sacrilege, I know!) It seems like any of those things would be useful in this stretch. I just don't get it.

I'm just saying, that the team hasn't been playing so well those last 14 games. Just sayin'...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lucy Pulls the Football Away Again!

When will Charlie Brown ever learn? He always thinks Lucy is due to hold that football. And every time he runs full speed ahead, only to have Lucy pull the ball away at the last minute and ends up flat on his back.

After B-Mo doubled to lead off the ninth inning in a tie game, Scioscia lifted him for a pinch runner - no doubt sensing that a victory may be within reach. (I know I did. It had been a well-pitched game and the Angels were finally in striking distance.) Kotchman came up next, and pulled the ball to the right side of the field to allow the runner a clear path to third.

Then, the unthinkable happened....The moment I heard his name announced, confusion, then fear, and finally anger set in....and all hope of victory vanished.

Finley had somehow convinced Scioscia that he would not pull the football away. But of course, he did and the Scioscia ended up flat on his back. He hit a weak infield grounder for a fielder's choice and the go-ahead run was tagged out before he could reach home plate. After A.K. struck out, Ortiz (the second batter in the bottom half of the ninth did it to us again. His walk-off home run gave Shields a dubious place in the record book with his eleventh loss as a reliever.

Doesn't Scioscia ever read the comics? Why would he think Finley was due? Why would he bring in a struggling hitter to replace a hot one? Okay, so Q wasn't exactly having a great night - and apparently he has forgotten that Jeff is still on the team. But if he wanted a hot-hitting left-hander, why not put in Pride? Curtis batted cleanup in the line up most of the year for Salt Lake, and the last time Finley was in the lineup, he was in the nine-slot.

But on a positive note, since the A's lost another game to the M's, the Angels' magic number is now 24!