Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Something everyone can agree on- Dodgers suck

So we are in Arizona for Spring Training this weekend. Were we not Jeff, Quinlan, Josh Paul fans, we'd have come up on the wrong side of today's split squad. But since we like all those guys, we were pretty happy. Jeff played right field the whole game, it was like old times.

We missed most of the first inning thanks to serious parking issues, but we don't think Jeff got a hit.

On the whole it was not an interesting game. Jeff looked comfortable in the outfield, but wasn't impressive. Quinlan looked bad (in fact late-inning sub Mr. X looked way better). The Angels only had like 5 hits. Josh Paul still cannot throw out a base-stealing batter. Curtis Pride contributed an actual hit.

The only excitement was a 2-run scoring triple right when we arrived by Lou Merloni, and the ruckus caused by a group of around 15 Dodger fans taking a parade stroll around the stadium, eliciting jeers from Giants fans and Angels fans alike. (Although those sitting near me chanted "beat LA" and were quite pleased with themselves for picking a chant that covered all the applicable bases).

Jeff's hair is both overly-long and suspiciously light. I thought it looked good when he was hatless at the AngelFest, but with a hat, he looks like an unkempt farmboy (no offense to actual farmboys I have known and loved). I wouldn't go on so much about the hair, but it was a boring game to my eyes, OK?

I'll post more when the box score is up and I can fill in the blanks about who some of the people were and what they did that was or wasn't of note.

Just chillin' at the game

Woman with funny shirt

Some Giants player signs autographs at the stadium

Jeff in action

A lovely day for a game in Scottsdale

Tiny Jeff

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Words taste good

So the Angels' site has a little tidbit that was clearly designed with the singular purpose of causing me to eat my words--

Jeff DaVanon drilled a solo homer in the Angels' split-squad, 16-2 win over the Diamondbacks. He is tied with Casey Kotchman for the club lead this spring with seven hits.

It should be mentioned that Q was on fire today (and played with the A team, while Jeff was clearly on the "who-the-heck-arethese-guys" team) and must be just 1 hit behind JD and the Kotch-man. Also Curtis Pride is batting some insane percentage (because, not so many at-bats right now) so wave your hands in the air for Curtis Pride.

I still think it is crazy to toy with the idea of having Casey as DH. But what the heck do I know? (Don't answer that) I'm sort of happy about D-Mac's back issues right now, not because I don't like him, or because I wish him ill or anything. I just like the idea of there being a place for JD and Q, and with Dallas off getting epidurals, that can happen more easily.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Time for Tempe

First of all, I'm in Arizona this weekend for spring training. If anyone else is going to be around, drop me a line at

Jeff has been getting in the mix at DH so far this spring. And is leading in the completely non-scientific poll going on right now at for who should be DH. Am I missing something about Kotchman? In what universe is he a good bet for DH? I think we just fall in love with our top prospects. Anyway, go vote, be heard, or something.

Jeff is getting hits, drawing walks, and seems to be doing OK. It's early yet, overall the team looks good. I'm interested to see how Quinlan is and also to get a look at the new people.

Roses and things that smell

I'm in the mood for additional procrastination today, and I wanted to make a post about something I've ignored up till this point. Everyone's favorite unwinable argument: the team name.

I'm all for the Angels calling themselves whatever they want. Especially if it is going to help them bring in additional money, expand their market, and generally put them in a better position.

As far as I'm concerned, the term "LA" or "Los Angeles" is more relevant and useful as an area designation than as a city. "LA", to most people, encompasses everything south of Monterey that isn't San Diego. Wherever I've lived or work since moving here from Chicago is LA to the rest of the world and "not-LA" to me. I don't live in LA, I live in Hollywood, because I live in the area that can be called Hollywood, and because in my mind I prefer the idea of Hollywood to the idea of LA.

LA is a sucky city. When you bring people from other cities here, it makes no sense to them. We have a downtown area where no one goes unless forced to. We have public transportation that no one takes, because it doesn't go too many places (unless you take a bus). And the city was built over a mountain range, which is a stupid way to have a city. I understand the sort of gut-level disgust most of us feel when forced to be associated with LA.

But the rest of the world doesn't feel that way about LA. For them, LA is sun and palm trees, and movie stars, and Disneyland, and beaches, and all of that. I bring people to this city all the time, and have to constantly explain just how far away Disneyland is from Universal Studios.

From what I can tell, the only way Anaheim made it in as the city was because of the Disney affiliation. And if we aren't keeping the fairy-dusted uniforms, Mickey, and the rest of the Disneyosity of those days, why should we feel like we need to keep the name Anaheim?

Maybe I feel this way because I don't live in Orange County, so the choice to re-brand as an LA team makes me feel like less of an interloper.

I don't honestly know where the heck the New England Patriots actually play their home games. It could be in Vermont.

I'd probably pay less money to advertise with the Baltimore team than with the DC team. I know it is the same area, with the same people, but it just feels smaller.

Personally, I get it and I'm happy for the change. I can understand that it rubs some people the wrong way. I don't really understand the passion with which some protest the change. And I do mean protesting. But I'm not from Anaheim. I haven't spent decades as the forgettable younger sibling. And truth be told, I've written angry letters and held up signs in protest of some things that you'd probably find hysterical.

But something about the re-branding that Arte embarked on last year is really working. More tickets are being sold. The faces at the games have changed, there are more families, and more diversity in the stands next to me now. I like the new look of the team and the new look of the fans.