Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Friday, February 03, 2006


I've known since September that I was going to re-launch the site with a new name and a new look. Since I've been on blogger for a long time, and thought myself CSS enough to muddle through, this didn't cause me stress.

But Keith keeps looking at Pearly Gates, and would like for us to move to our own domain and a non-blogger host, etc. I've certainly had dreams of a more sophisticated image gallery, and a top-level-domain of my very own has a certain appeal.

Lifehacker has had pretty good suggestions for webhosts and domain registrars, but other than the vanity aspect of it, and the ability for the site to do things that I don't actually know how to do, I'm not really sure what the argument is for moving. And other than guaranteed uptime %, I'm at a loss as to what else to look for. How much space do I need? What is a reasonable amount of bandwidth? What is a sub-domain and do I want one? I'm not against the idea on principal, it would be nice to acquire some more web skills even if the usefulness of moving isn't apparent right now. If anyone has tips, words of advice, or whatever, please post a comment or e-mail me. Such a huge array of choices paired with my lack of knowledge about so many of the basics is just a recipe for disaster.

Oh, and I have no plans to leave Blogger. I've had to maintain sites that were on Typepad and MT and other than categories (which don't suit my style of posting anyway) I never understood the draw. I had to build a blog on typepad once, and it was a seriously clunky thing.

raise your hand if you think it is funny that "blog" is not in the blogger spell-check dictionary.

1) You don't need a whole lot of space if you're just planning to host a blog. Text and images just aren't that big of a deal. IIRC, the HTML for Pearly-Gates totaled something like 1.5 GB after 2 years on blogger.

2) Again, bandwidth isn't going to be too important for a blog. I've got 50gb a month, and I only used 4% of my quota in January - and the VAST majority of that was non-blog, school-related transfer (large video files). I'd say go as low as you can go in pre-paid bandwidth.

3) A sub-domian is one of those adresses.

I use, as suggested by all my uber-geek friends, and have been thrilled thus far. I don't think you're going to beat the price for the service. But there are also a few blog-specific hosts out there that might be the best option.
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