Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Friday, October 14, 2005

the fight leaves me

So in the NYT, Eddings cops to being ambiguous.

But Eddings criticized himself for not being more emphatic in signaling that the ball was in the dirt. After the pitch, he made a hand motion to his right before pumping his fist, which most observers thought was his sign that Pierzynski was out.

"The only thing I'm down on myself is I should have sold it either way," Eddings said. "I should have either said, 'No catch,' or, if I did have a catch, that he was out. Which I never said: 'He's out.' "

Eddings reiterated that he pumped his fist after every strike and said it was his mechanism for calling strikes. He said he would change his style and would likely just put his hand to the side to indicate a strike and eliminate the potential for confusion.

He still sticks to the story that he thought the ball was in the dirt, but admits that there was confusion and he was the source of it. This was all I was looking for. If he'd been clear that he was calling the ball in the dirt, Josh would have tagged him. OR if everything had progressed exactly as it did, but without Eddings making the "out" fist pump, then Escobar or Erstad, or Josh himself would have had a clue that the play was not complete and had at least a fighting chance of getting the ball to first [Escobar was right there].

And now I have to confess that I don't have it in me to carry more than a twinge of anger around over this. The team is going to move on. The party line is going to be "we've got a game 3 to win." I'm going to have to watch fans do to this man. And I'm thinking it isn't going to be pretty. And that the more I see, the more I won't want to be associated with that. The party line is looking pretty good right now.

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