Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The white flag rides again?

I have just been given terrible news:

I am told that Kevin Gregg, aka "the white flag" is being touted as the probable game 2 starter.

This is what I posted about Kevin back in July:

Kevin Gregg is a Big Flag

While I am, by nature, a stay-to-the-last-drop and where-the-heck-are-these-people-going? sort of fan, there is one point in a game when my instinct is to flee. That point arrives whenever the Halos send in Kevin Gregg. Gregg is not a man, he is not a pitcher, he's a big white flag of surrender. He's a required mechanism for delivering a ball to the general direction of the plate and thereby, eventually, painfully, ending a game.

While Gregg was in the minors, working on looking a little less like a big white flag and a little more like the madly promising pitcher of early 2004, the flag position was covered by Esteban Yan, who doesn't really deserve to be the flag, but is a little too inconsistent to be anything else.

Since then, Kevin has done very little to make me think of him as anything other than a white flag or, Ben "Mr. Goggles" Webber revisited. He's a nice enough guy, was downright charming at photo day. And I admit that his recent flirtation with facial hair has basically worked out both in terms of his looks and his stats. I admit that he has improved somewhat since growing the beard. But a white flag with facial hair is still a flag.

I can only say "please let Washburn feel better!" or something. Please won't someone save us from Kevin Gregg? Please?

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