Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Monday, October 10, 2005

I have a bad feeling about this...

The horror movie continues. I love Shields, maybe more than I should, but arrggh! And why the hell are baserunners getting thrown out for no freaking good reason? There are games that you don't win, and I can handle those. But this was a game that we just up and lost, and I hate that. It sucks. Talk about horror movies.

And everyone is all "relax, Colon is pitching"? Relax! He's been shaky. Shaky in his last 3 starts. Shaky the last month or so. The dude is currently shaky. This whole thing is shaky. What can you do, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes... it rains. You just put together the best team you can with the components available to you at any given time.

I fear that when all is said and done this whole series will amount to nothing more than the "Bengie Molina auditions for a fat multi-year contract" show. Oh well, it will still be better than last year, and that is all I wanted. I'm on record somewhere as only wanting that.

On the upside, if we can win this "best-of-one" series, and do it without Vlad contributing anything but unnecessary outs, then the team can only get better. And a team that isn't yet as good as it can be is a dangerous thing to take into the next round. (Even if it is the worst.thing.ever to have taken into this round)

Pay no attention to me and my doomsday scenarios. It's not like I know anything. I'll be at the game tomorrow, wearing my virgin division champs shirt (although maybe I should replace it with a shirt that has a better record? I mean, wearing an untested rookie shirt in the post-season seems risky), my hat (which is 1-0), and carrying my rally monkey (which has about a .500 record at home, we won't discuss the away record). [I edited out this last part yesterday, especially after my husband was all "weren't you saying something about wanting respect?" but I hate to disappoint everyone from who comes here looking for it. Besides, I think it is funny. And yes, I wore the lucky bra to the game]I might even try to find my lucky bra. Where did I put that? It seems a travesty to have a lucky bra and not have worn it in the post-season. Yes, I have a lucky bra. Shut up! You know what is stupid? Rally caps are stupid. My lucky bra is scientifically sound damnit! I'm going to stop now, seeing as how it is late and I just confessed to having a lucky bra.

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