Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Friday, October 28, 2005

That time of year

It's that time of year.

The time when my ears stop ringing from stadium anthems and halo stix, and the part of my brain that has been bypassed for a number of months starts giving me a hard time.

Another season has passed and hysteria has once again gripped and released me. This week brought with it the arrival of the "magical box of promotional crap." This is a pre-purchased shipment of every giveaway from Angel Stadium. Because who doesn't need a fridge magnet of the 2005 season after the season is over? And those Steve Finley t-shirts just become more cherished with the passage of time, don't they? I'd say it wasn't worth it at all except that the "back to school binder" promotion [featuring Jeff] was only available to kiddies at the stadium and now I have one of my very own.

But now we have this box of Angels crap. To add to our closet of Angels crap. In our room of Angels crap.

We have an Angels crap problem.

It was just after the World Series in 2002 I think, when I realized that our entire office room had been taken over by thunderstix. Keith had attended every game where they'd been given out, and had kept every pair, sometimes more than one pair per game, and there they sat. An artifact, a pile of artifacts. I'm all about keeping crap, but can't one pair of thunderstix stand for the entire collection? Keith agreed, the mountain of orange [for the originals were a hue that could only be called red if you had never seen true red before] disappeared and I thought that was all.

But we have shirts and jerseys and signed balls and framed pictures and enough hats to outfit the entire 40-man roster.

What have we done? Where does this come from? What do we think we are going to do with it?

I spent *years* as a serious Buffy fan and came away with a poster, a few collectibles and a short stack of scripts and magazines. Why has my brief time as an Angels fan resulted in such a huge amount of crap that I don't feel we can get rid of? I think somewhere we have the ticket stubs from each and every game.

I once knew people who had a "Laker room", painted purple and yellow, outfitted with the tacky crap that only fans cherish. I was always slightly embarassed for these people. Perhaps my time as a scifi fan having tought me that obsessions were to be closeted, not incorporated into a decorating scheme. But I don't think even a whole room would solve our problem.

Where does this crap come from? And how can I stop?

If I'm not mistaken, you or your husband once mentioned in an earlier post that you live in the Los Angeles area. How's come you're Angel fans and not Dodger fans? Just wonderin' . . . .
Because she and her husband have taste! Go Angels!
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