Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

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Friday, October 14, 2005

This is how we do it in section 129 bitch!

I've done what I could with a camera, but I really should have audiotaped it.

I was expecting the first few innings to be very Doug-centric. And they were. Josh got loud applause when he was introduced, and the umpires were booed. And then the game started, and the hazing began.

For the most part it was little-league stuff. "Hey Doug!" "Nice call Doug!" "You suck!" And then everytime he had to make some sort of call (and anytime there was an out made) everyone gave him a hard time and demonstrated how to do an out "Did you get that Doug?" "Did you see that was foul Doug?" Whenever people started to work blue, the crowd would sort of pull those folks back in "hey man, this is a family park." In between innings, a good portion of folks stood up, cupped their hands, and exercized their right to free speech. It was all fairly annoying, and sometimes quite loud, but I've seen opposing team trainers called worse things at Wrigley.

Now, after a few innings we probably would have been bored with this, except that we had nothing else to do. The team looked like, I don't know, not any team I follow. Maybe Kansas City. We didn't even have a baserunner. We had nothing. But we had Doug.

"Put yout hands on your hips Doug!"

"Do the macarena!" [I felt that given he already had his hands on his hips, we should have called for the Time Warp, but whatever]

"Dougie, Dougie. Hey, Doug! What can I pay you to call this one our way?"

"Don't look at me Doug, don't look, whatever you do don't look."

I was starting to get concerned that the taunting was not only diverting attention from the game, but that it was screwing with the energy of the stadium, sucking energy that is supposed to be going to the team. The energy and noise on Monday was just so amazing, and this was nothing like that. So I took it upon myself to try to at least shout at actual players.

"Come on Lackey"

To Garret : "Way to lollygag, it's not like it's the playoffs"

To Figgins: "hey, no-hit [we call Figgins "no-hit"] rise above your name"

To Finley: "You suck Finley." [After the out] "Yep, You still suck."

But what can any of us do when the team's pitching is sketchy, the hitting non-existant, and the opposing team's pitching is on? We can taunt the umpire. And be annoyed with security for taking people's signs.

But now I get my nice quiet section back, and you guys over in Left can have some fun.

Oh, and Jeff PH for Juan in the DH spot. He made contact, but like everyone else, hit the ball at someone. Those Sox did some kind of wicked thorough scouting on all our hitters.

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