Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So DH may be something of a misnomer

So Jeff has sort of run out of time to get his act together.

When everyone else in the lineup can't seem to avoid getting a hit, and you can't manage to really step up to the plate, it just doesn't look good.

The Jeff of 2005 is no DH.

This really has to suck for him. He finally got a solid month to show what he could do, and it turned out he couldn't do much. Then he had a chance to work back into the mix, and his hitting strategy vacillates between playing the odds and looking at everything, or swinging for the fences trying to get rid of that annoying goose-egg in the HR column. He's pretty good at bunting. Is that a legitimate position, being the go-to bunting guy? A DH with no home-runs isn't worthy of the name. Jeff is in a dangerous position, he's a 5th outfielder on a team that doesn't need one.

Now, "brand name" players like Kennedy can spend a whole season hitting like a pitcher. Finley hasn't been any great shakes this year (we could have put Jeff in CF and saved the money). Jeff hasn't that luxury.

My husband came home form the game last night and was like "So your boy kind of sucks...."

and all I could do was sigh and say "I know."

I KNOW! He sucks. He sucks at the moment, he sucks right now, he might even suck in general or be embarking on a long career of suck-itude. What do you want me to do about it?

I love playing Texas. I love adding to our division lead so decisively just by winning a game. It makes me happy.

Wake me when .336/.373/.378 is hitting like any pitcher. Don Drysdale, maybe, though more specifically Drysdale's 1965.
I was referring to last year, when he was at .278, and for a while wasn't even close to that. This year, he's not so much having a problem.
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