Watching Jeff DaVanon

Watching Jeff DaVanon

A weblog devoted to #55 of the Anaheim Angels, Jeff DaVanon. How is he doing? Is he getting his due respect yet? Let's watch and see...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Things we don't talk about

There is nothing so beautiful as the anticipation of scandal. Can you smell it?

And those of us who follow baseball have had a stay of execution of sorts, because it has been said that an outfielder on an AL playoff team tested positive for steroids.

Someone I've never heard of but supposedly would be in a position to know something has said it's a name people will care about.

One would think that would rule out Jeff, since the list of people who would care about his name is short, predominently female, and I could generate most of it from people who have e-mailed me in the past year.

And while I am not going to go so far as to talk about it, I will confess that late in the season I came to realize that Jeff's season-to-season stats pattern would be consistent with what you'd expect to see in someone that was doing something in previous years that they were not doing this year. [Of course, that something is hitting and especially hitting home runs, and Mr. Finley is the poster child for that type of thing]

But Jeff's wife gave birth to a child in the last few years, which isn't a neon "not guilty" sign, but it pretty darn close.

And I personally don't think that Jeff would do that. As a second-generation, second-string guy I'd expect a more fanatical devotion to whatever honor exists in a professional sport. And he seems too nice and happy. Of course I'm a dumb fangirl, what the hell do I know?

But since I've got all the folks linking to me and winking and giggling I felt I should go on the record as having noted the evidence.

Who do I think it is? I have no idea. But I really hope it isn't someone from the White Sox, because that would just be deeply sucky for the sport and the city and everyone.

I'm thinking its Finley... but I think he quit this year and it is still in his system.
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